Your Trusted Provider

At Pleavin Power, our dedicated team of generator servicing professionals have provided an unrivalled service to clients all across the UK. We supply a whole range of generator services such as;generator servicing, emergency power supplies, generator repairs, engine reconditioning, generator relocation, and engine refurbishment among many other services.

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  • Generator Servicing

    Pleavin Power takes a disruptive approach and offers a very detailed maintenance service. With our regular servicing, we ensure that we assess your systems before offering support and identifying areas of concern.

    First major service included in generator purchase**

  • Our Promise

    We offer 24 month standby warranty and 1000 hours or 12 month prime power warranty.

    Our service team are always on hand to answer any questions you may have about your generator. We operate 24/7 Nationwide with engineers often on site within 2 hours of a call.

  • Premium Features

    Our generators come bunded as standard with lube oil and coolant drain points. Removable end panels for easy servicing and cleaning access, fork pockets and multiple lift points as standard. Jacket water heater, battery charger and RCD as standard. Generators also include an option for remote monitoring connectivity.